• This community is only a meeting point for people suffering from emetophobia and cannot be considered as a therapy to overcome it, so we always recommend consulting a specialist. Happy surfing everyone. ;)

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  1. Re Julien

    Welcome to this new forum!

    https://www.emetophobia.info/2020/10/20/welcome-to-this-new-forum/ :):cool:
  2. Re Julien

    Autumn of the emetophobic

    Hi all, how do you feel in autumn? Here our post on instagram :)
  3. Re Julien


    Hello everyone and welcome to this community! For about 13 years we have been managing a community very similar to this in Italy. Our aim has always been to provide people with a place where they can tell their story with emetophobia, confront and let off steam with each other. Let's clarify a...
  4. Re Julien

    The forum is officially online

    Hello everyone, and welcome! Stay tuned for news :)
  5. Re Julien

    First question

    Do you like this forum?